Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Glorious Love, you give me courage

The journey has been so very long
The battle has gone on, and on
My wounds still bleed
The scars will never leave
And so many friends lost
Who I grieve yet
So if I fade away
  it won't be because I've lost my way
         You have been a beacon of light
Guiding me
Every moment
You are my inspiration to continue this fight
In this lifelong quest
It seems the enemies of my lord are endless
My journey has been painful
I didn't expect to be so exhausted
                     I never thought I could be so tired
And I feel like I will fail
So thank you
My love
You give so freely
For giving me heart
When the world had destroyed me
You are all I have
Even then, my heart fails
From the pain
From my endless torment
I've lost so many friends
This quest is so demanding
Thank you my love
Cher amour, votre beauté lève mon courage
Though the world tries
It can only damage 
The armor
But thanks to you
Never the spirit 
Held within