Saturday, March 12, 2016

Angel with black wings

Have we been cursed
To be the bringer of death
Or are we blessed
And we shall survive
Are we the virus
Immune to our own sickness
We were born
To be the death of all others
A killer of all that lives
The sole survivor
Of all life on this planet
Are we the angel of death
Hovering black wings
Waiting to kiss
We do deliver
Bodies to the abyss
Were we just sent
To destroy and conquer
Have our energies gone
Entirely to destruction
Are we only trained to kill
All others who ponder
The meaning of life
Have we been cursed
Are we meant to steal the breath
Of everyone else that breathes
Are we meant to bring death
Humanity is cold
Fighting wars
Causing famines
Allowing atrocities
Destroying homes
Leaving scars
Untamed and angry
Our souls refuse to find peace