Monday, March 7, 2016

Ancient King of Egypt

Crossed his chest
Staff, orb and rod
The corpse of the king
Deserved to be preserved
For it housed the spirit
Of the future god
High above his people
He alone could be
Reborn in the heavens
Where he would battle Set
And his minions would devour
The enemy whole and full
Accompanied by his throne
His jewels and his fineries
He was laid there
Along with the objects
Of power
He was deposited
Deep in the ground
Covered by traps and walls
He would be safe
Until the hour
When eternity called
He would again be ascendant
Standing high above the land
He would exert his will
Standing upon an invisible tower
Telling the people his story
And how they could honor
The gods of the land
By their worship
Love of the land
And the Gods