Friday, March 4, 2016

An end you desired

Je suis entré dans un domaine de la douleur
Since you left, I've missed your gaze, and demure
But I was not the one who broke our union
With the desire to be
To you, I shared
All I was, everything I had
All I own, my heart declared
I would never be with another
You possessed my spirit and being
We entered communion
Our love was a chalice
We both drank from
A wine of the finest vintage
I never could have foreseen
How you would steal from one
Who would give you anything
From without and from within
My love is elaborate, extravagant
Your desire to be declared without sin
Your refusal to accept blame
Destroyed our love
My ability to trust
We can not enter reunion
You've destroyed the bonds
I will never return
In your chains like a slave
At your command
Under your thumb
It would be torture
Despite my love
And desire and crave
Yes I burn
But I am not willing
To suffer
For your pleasure