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I bid you peace.

Je ne regrette pas la douleur, car il m'a fait plus forte

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copyright notice

Thursday, March 3, 2016

As for me, I will meet you, in Elysium

I called to you
Called to you
Soon I shall
Whence I die
This world will fade
And the end will come into view
The shadow world will not hold my soul
That land of sorrows will not be my fate
My family, my love, they will be with me
In Elysium
Now that I have aged
My memory dims
My legacy echoes
Only there in my dreams
Where I am still young
I have served
Until my days were sore
From being dragged
From campaign to another
My days are short
I care not about destiny
I marched from Rome to Germania
For my Emperor, my liege, my family
From the Gaul to Arabia
I did not march in vain
Through bloodied body
And grieving tears
We gave glory to the empire
From Britainnia to Dacia
I gave my blood, sweat and years
So that my family and land
All of the Empire's people
Could live free and safe
So now that I am tired
Join me in the end
In Elysium