Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Kin in the Valley

 Part 1

Above the valley a green canopy, a covering of sorts
Below, a living world, a graceful land with foliage
Seemingly untouched by humans, or their kin, it was thick
Buzzing with life, within that land were a folk who thrived
This magnificent paradise, glorious and beautiful,
Without compare it was hidden from view, and alive
Everything there was new, uncorrupted
Nothing there decayed, nothing turned to rot
It was a joyful place where artisans, musicians, would seek
A legacy wrought
There, the kin had lived more than 30 generations
The language spoken by the folk was nuanced, unique
Separated from other human folk
They still pursued higher thought
The surrounding wildlife and foliage and folk
Formed a certain symbiotic bond
If not disturbed, the symbiotic link
Would never stop
And the kin would live in a world
Where the generations would follow
The same traditions
With the same joy
Without end