Thursday, May 21, 2015


We will experience three great events
All of us
Who exist here
Birth, Life, and Death
In existence upon this planet
I've decided to ask questions
Do I exist only to pass from view
Or is my being transcendent
Am I a flesh being with a soul
Or am I a soul, wrapped in flesh
I know I am not an angel 
I am not from heaven because I fail
I do that many times in this life
It is called sin, and I do it a great deal
Je ne parviennent pas à tout
But beyond the number and ways
I do ask for forgiveness
I do repent and try to improve
Was I sent here to live 
Or to experience pain, suffer and die?
Because so far, it has not been so good
I am not complaining
I realize others have it worse
But for all my troubles
All the things I do
All my misery
It often feels
Like I have been cursed
And if I have
I'd like to know
So that I do not cause
Others to suffer