Friday, May 8, 2015

Like Clockwork

When the steady rain falls I experience comfort
My mind purrs, and the white noise is welcome
My maker created nature
Now nature is my redeemer and provides succor
And I am able to draw strength from it

I know nothing is without purpose, and place
I accept that I am part of the system, the machine
And I recognize how small I am, and easy to replace
Who am I? within the gears of this clockwork
I do not know,  I only know my name

My DNA is neither special, nor extraordinary
The world is made of meat, clay, and wind
Someday when I die I will become dust
And my shell will slowly be spread by the breeze
Why am I here?  Only to learn, to become, to be

Upon my death, and my becoming dust
I will drift, and land in every corner of the earth
Without prejudice float across the land
It doesn't matter any more then, where
I belong to two different realms
This one
And the other of my maker