Saturday, May 9, 2015

I Dream, I Seek, Because She is There
Because of who she is
I seek her
Wherever she roams
Whether it is in the waking
Or the dreaming
For now she is in
The dreaming realm flying
Upon a winged steed

Or being worshiped
As the goddess she is
She flits about in forests
And dances upon
Ballroom floors of castles
Her merciful glory is what others seek

   In that realm of sleep
The beings who dwell there
So magical and amazing
They are fantastical
But already they acknowledge her
As being far greater
Than they are
Despite all of their celestial origins
She is their magnificent queen
Beautiful yes but more
She is their star
They orbit about her
Following and desiring to serve
She is the center of existence

I am not worthy 
But of course
I am moved
Whatever realm I am in
I seek her there
Because I long for her
And desire her
And wish to be
She is a river
Of the purest water
And I am thirst
She is sleep 
And I am exhaustion
How I long for her