Friday, May 15, 2015

Final Goodbye

Even in exile
I still prayed for you
Bones and flesh inside
Shaking in pain
It took the entire
Of my life
The solitude
Could be a bitter river
Of tears
But I still tried
You never saw him
You only wished to know
You had an inkling
But that was all
And yet
I was broken
And you made me walk
I was poor and you charged me
The other would not work
And you gave him my money
You didn't know me
Didn't want to
And if I miss you
It isn't from what you left behind
It was from
All I was missing inside
From the solitude
And exile
I survived
I prayed for you
And never heard
Until the last time
You spoke to me
But now I have mine
To still love
And give every moment
Every ounce
Every thought
Every deed
To him
Because you
Didn't give it to me
The chain was broken
But it began again
The ravens left the tower
But as soon as morning broke
They returned at the break
Of the dawn's earliest hour
You chose my solitude
And I am trying
To understand
But you died
Before we could
Figure each other out
So I am still
Left with the doubts
Ever child has
Without the time
Without the care
Without the hugs
When they aren't told
They are worth
Being loved

For the person who this is written to, who spent my life doing his best, but failing me until he helped my wife and I have our child.  And for my son, Jonathan, because he is my world.  And for my wife who gave my son.