Saturday, February 11, 2017

Under the Heel

For the machine of empire to function
There must be new conquests
Constant battles
Legionnaires dying
The Empire grew
At a cost
Of youth

The empire was ascendant
Roman rule was deciding
The fate of Europe
And the path of modernity
Without knowing it

We are the descendants
Of the order that was made
And our lives are lived
As if they just started today

But history happened
And we are inheritants
Of a world once wild
Now tamed by order

The empire reached out
Imposing law and boundaries

The thinkers of the day
Never wondered
If justice was absent
They received the treasures
Of the empire's plunder

Disobedience to the Empire
Meant legions returning
Thunder and lightning
Creating a theatre
For the spectacle
A panorama of blood

The killing
Crops burning
Crucifyied rebels
Destroyed homelands
So many dead
The screams become a flood

Rebel children wandered
Parentless they'd become
But they refused to cry
Every time a new war begun
More dead to bury
The flames of conquest lick
To the sky

Memories to fade
In modern times
They are forgotten
Lost tribes die
Become invisible
To the future
As if they never lived

Germania, Hibernia, Britannia
Beneath the heel of the empire
Were forsaken and unforgiven
The Icenii
The Gauls
The Gaels

The world was made
To bend to the order
Of the Roman machine
And we are her children
So many years since

Still conquering
Still fighting the wild
And never stopping
No matter how many die

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I am moved by the story of Boudicca, and have written a number of works concerning her, and the general history of Rome versus the wild tribes of Europe.

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