Thursday, February 9, 2017

I am not a unicorn

A quest, a knight
Darkness born
I am an honest fool
I freely give my heart
I fight
So others might endure
My chest is bared
My heart beats
A horror rhythm 
Blood red crimson
I am more rare
Than a unicorn
As perfect
As pure
As I am flawed
I am but an animal
My soul torn
From the body
I realize
That I am wrong
More than right
I am a fool
Not profound
I am not perfect
The crown of thorns
Is not my crown
I am flesh, not spirit
I will mourn
When the time is ready
I have endured scorn
For my fears
I have been beaten
My clothes rent
My fears adorn
My body
Ashes on my forehead
My head shorn
When the day is done
My hope stillborn
When I am sinking
I realize the end
Is my doing
I have been wrong
All along