Sunday, February 26, 2017

Generational decay

Time becomes a flood
Washing away memories
Of the days that became
Hallowed by blood
Now abandoned
As their children become vain
Valor forgotten is courage lost
The machine grinds
As culture sleeps
Generations distant
Ignorant of the blood cost
Of being free
Live for pleause
For sensual reward
They live
Callow lives
With hollow dreams
Lives are emptiness
We've become as sheep
To the slaughter
Culture regresses
With no knowledge
Of the impending fate
Nor of the past
Their minds inside
Are lied to, and misled
They could still thrive
Could instead fly
Rather than become insensate
From the constant din
From the hum
Among the rest of the hive
We are not drones
We are not empty of thought
But conformity and pain
Lead to nothingness
We lose greatness
Lives of worth
That courage
And genius wrought