Saturday, February 4, 2017

Beyond Fortunate

Had I never loved
I should ever be
I was blessed
Beyond any curse
To find you upon this earth
Wherever you are
My heart goes along
And my life is proof
One can grow
By simply knowing
One such as you
I am beyond lucky
No fortune was ever
So great
As my heart is
By love from you
My love
My perfect partner
I can only see forward
There is no past to live in
And the present is simply
A base to judge
The future upon
Onward together
You caused me to see
The splendor of heaven
The joys in this life
Offered up to me
Because of you
I experienced
The sweet divine
And I became alive
Because you
Gave me a heart
To beat
And feel inside
My chest
Bursts with hope
You are my cause
And my belief
And my dreams
You healed my scars
My spirit renewed
Because I knew you
Thank you so very
Very much
My love