Thursday, February 2, 2017

I ran

I ran from the wall of sound
Coming from the tower
Of black clouds
I paid no attention
To the caws of the crows
Nor to the blood beneath my feet
On the snow
Escape was my only thought
I am not proud
I was a coward
Running from certain death
Was a natural reaction
From a man
Who fled responsibility
In every action
He ever made
I would never know
How my life
So contorted and twisted
In my feeble attempts
To exist
Could ever make
An impact
Upon anyone
Soon enough
I tired of running
And stopped and looked
At the clouds of darkness
Coming forward
To digest me
My life was a waste
Decayed and crooked
I know
In my haste to escape
I forgot to say goodbye
To the people who said
They'd miss me
If I were dead
That is fine to say
Death strips away
All the pretense
All of the horrid shame
Of knowing
And not doing