Wednesday, February 8, 2017

They were worthy of Rome

Some called them animals
Some were called savage
And many were covered
By the scars
Of the bloody wars
They fought with
Crimson coloured
Roman legions
In Gaul
And Germania
Wars without reason
Other than for simple pride
With no real winners
Rome believed
It was placed high
Above the world
To rule with iron control
But every empire has its seasons
And Rome's winter
Saw it fall
After losing its soul
To slave works
To seeking only pleasure
The Barbarian hordes
Would be looked down upon
As demons
But then things changed
Barbarians became Romans
After which
The world would ever
Seem tame
As foes of the empire
The barbarians were worthy
Of being called noble
And receiving fame
They were worthy
Even more
They were victorious
Over those who had judged them
Lacking in civility
Even if they were
In ways beyond measure