Thursday, February 23, 2017

Broken God

One less prayer to give
One less god to beg
One less god to show me mercy
Fist smashing glass
Bleeding me
Covering me
In a shroud of crimson
In some fucking baptism
I looked in the cracked mirror
and saw I'd become almighty
God of my heart
Believing myself holy
In some false catechism
My world opened
By the fires that burn
In the cataclysms
Of my false holiness
of my false heart
I stare in the mirror
and the gaze that is returned
is covered in blood
of the beast who burns
I am the last
of the unknowing
I am the final seal unbroken
And it is what I deserve
I gaze into the abyss
It looks back
And calls me
To be broken indeed
By my demons