Saturday, August 20, 2016

Your mercy, grace and love

On my knees
Exhausted of my body
There is nothing left
But to ask
Oh for the mercy
Your grace and love
I sing my, love
Forgive my weakness
Love my only love
Forgive my distractions
Accept my offer
Please, of this chalice
Of wine, from two vineyards
One eternal, one material
Both in unison
To cure us each
Of the madness
That breaks us
We call it everyday
Our world becomes a battleground
Our love is an asylum
But because of our pain
Our hearts are made a maze
Strewn with sorrow
Grieving over lost chances
Know, though, that
Love cannot be tamed
It is time to end this
Without shame
These are tears are joy
I long to be
At once with you
Drink of the wine
And let us love again
And together let us remain
One with another
Equals in love and souls
My dream become real
You are an angel
And the sight of you
Makes my breath quicken
My heart beat repeating
You are the truth
Love makes me complete
And my soul renews
For your touch