Friday, August 19, 2016

Confusion sets in

After a life
Of dialogues
I ask why
You ask how
We speak out
But we use
Different tongues
I am so confused
Fall down
If any thought
Is allowed
What if I mattered
Instead of
What I do now
What if you cared
Instead of
Wishing I would die
Is there anyone
Able to give me
More hope
Or is that disallowed
Does it matter
I just want
Someone to be
Able to show me
That it matters more to live
Than to have answers
To the questions that burn
Inside me that burn like cancer
To all my questions why
This existence
This presence in the stream
Is not enough
Not nearly enough
Are you
Able to feel my tears
Inside your heart
And tell me
Who am I?
Bleeding inside
From wounds unspoken
Broken outside
Causing people to
Pass me by
That is who I am
I don't matter
As if I ever could
It is out of my hands
As if it were ever in them