Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Winter Fleet Led by Angels of Battle

We were taken
to our destination
how could the enemy
be prepared for the moment
when we were able to attack
our path was prepared
led through the ice floes
and the frozen snow fog
by the angels of battle
who are we
to be so ennobled
to be so baptized
in our destiny
Sent from the capital
at Adrianople
We were the last hope
After the world turned cold
When the mountain ice
came down from the north
stealing our land
and lives
we had only this chance
to take battle
to the frozen beings
who seemed to be
the ones who sat
upon the throne of ivory
and frozen glory
this was our last effort
Christian, Muslim,
Hun, Rus
All the surviving men
Joined in an effort
To rid the land
Of the ice giants
and their king