Sunday, August 21, 2016

Fleeting glimpse

I long for you but
Daylight is inopportune
I need you with me
So I wait for the moon

It was no coincidence
That we were to meet
It was no random chance
We kissed in my dream

I lived in the splendor
Of holding you tight
I offered you my surrender
On that moonless night

How am I to go on
For the rest of my life
Knowing I'll be without you
My soul bereft of your light

My love I am crushed
There is nothing to do
My world is empty
Now, here, without you

I can dream still
I am burning there in fire
Love you fulfills
Each of my desires

Farewell my love
I pray I will see you again
The morning approaches
My heart now enchained

I wait until sleep
Brings you back to me