Monday, August 22, 2016

Ghosts of the Nephilum's Children

They were beautiful
But also different
Alien in look
Strong, agile and dangerous
In most imaginings
Humans feared them
They were bright
But had to devote their minds
To survival in savage times
For them
Fate was not kind
Ancient and distant
Far from our reach
Scholars and history
Doesn't remember them
But for their bones
Laying in shallow graves
They passed like the dust
Never knowing love
They were the broken
Far from being blessed
They were hated without a home
Upon earth's soil or in heaven above
They were damned by the path
That their ancestors had taken
The sins of their fathers
Repaid upon the generations
To follow
They accepted their misery
Rejecting redemption
Lingering in the echoes
Of their unfair destiny
They remain
In the wind
Falling like rain
When the waves crash
You can hear their cry
When the lightning flashes
You can see their sorrow
That never passes
They have accepted their chains
And will never flee
Simply singing
Their mysterious songs
That fall as rain
And catastrophes