Sunday, August 14, 2016

Strive and Rise

I once crawled
Couldn't could run
My bones covered
In a cloak of dying flesh
I could barely move
Nor wanted to do so
Nor be more than a body
A delicate fragile creature
But a corpse
Purple, even swollen
Then I met him
Beneath that sun
Hanging there
For things I did
I strive
I rise not just survive
The clouds are my carpet
My feet touch only air
As my body flies
I will not regret
Any choice
I will thrive
I will risk
Constantly seek
Not just exist
Living meekly
No longer an option
No, now
I speak fire
In the face
Of the enemy
And embrace
The struggle
For what I am
I am meant to overcome
The struggle
Will not become who I am
No, it will guide my hand
Yes my rise has begun
I rise
Because of him
Refuse defeat
Will never return
To the depths
Beneath my feet