Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stopping The Flood

Persian King Darius tried to destroy Athens at Marathon and lost
Darius's son King Xerxes learned a similar lesson at Thermopylae,
Where the Spartans drew a line and refused to allow the Persians to pass
Without the invaders suffering a tremendous cost

At Châlons the Roman general Aetius and Visgoth King Theodoric
Joined forces against the massive horde of Huns and won
Few could have foreseen former enemies now partners
At Poitiers, the Frankish Hammer defeated invaders
Western civilization survived and stood fast
Former rivals joined forces, now united

 They could not know then how vital and powerful
A Europe who would become a single union would be
An exquisite tapestry created in common, language, ideas 
A work of art very intricate and tightly woven
The ideal of many, thinking as one people gained importance

But then, as always rot comes from within
Rivalry, old tensions, discord, anger for old enemies 
A confluence of western blood marked 
The old boundaries and parameters
The beautiful dream of a place called Europe
Each state would be equal yet unique

In the present, what we call modernity
A dream exists still of one Europe
Greece, who taught the rest of the continent
About true democracy and citizen soldiers
The Greeks are seen as frivilous
Living too freely
And that nation
The first democracy
Will be made to suffer
As Greece will become
The sacrifice by the others 
For their god Mammon