Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Love Isn't Less Because

If you tell me that
You don't love me
It will hurt
My love will become unrequited
But it doesn't mean it will end
If you tell me that you hate my name
You cannot stand me
My love will remain
Because love doesn't diminish
By the hand of others
I am not able to love
Only if I am loved in return
I am only then loving
For the reward
I love because I do
No matter how it might burn
Either in my heart
In some bitter regret
Or in my grieving soul
Because I am not loving
In order to be loved
Love is not capricious
Nor a whim
If it ends for any reason
It might well be a lesson
Because I will not forget
What my heart has done
I can only follow
And remember
I will not lament that I loved
Only that I am wounded
I will learn to be moved
From the mercy of the moment
When my heart reached out
And try to reject the sorrow
Of the pain
And remain
With a love unspoken
I won't love less
Because my love
Is not an emotion
It is life