Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I am a Stain

Maybe I am simply an infection
A bubbling virus or a bacteria
Causing death or damage to the brain 
Perhaps I am a disease 
Pulsing through the veins
A non-specific cancer
A disease of the heart
A strain of evil
Or a human stain
Because I know I am hated
I am someone unwanted
Abandoned at birth
Ignored and thrown away
Thought to be an idiot
An imbecile

Left to drain
Told to be quiet
In the silence of a life
Where everyone is allowed
To speak, to share
I am not proud
For I am a stain
And it is time
To leave
Drain my shadow
Leave no image
Empty my humanity
Pour down the red rain

I am a simple stain
Upon the white flag
Of surrender
No one will remember
That I was ever 
Ever here
But for the stain

Society has shown me
It has told me
It owns me
But to them
I have no use
Society cannot understand
A being like me
Who refuses chains
But refuses also
To play the hierarchy
The societal games

I am human and therefore
I possess value
I am unique
I was made different
I was made to be more
To the tribe
To the hive
To those who think
Someone like me
Is a being who is arcane
To the greater number
That judges me
I am worthless
Yes, I am a stain
And nothing can wash me
Except on the inside