Friday, July 3, 2015

4 Maidens

Life and death are a circle
Even without intent
The earth partakes with the seasons
As we are reminded
When the maidens arrive

The four seasons are different
As with personality traits of the maidens
The faeries bring forth the changes
As the earth spins and time moves forward
Ever forward

Spring is a magnificent announcement of life
The truth of grace and mercy
After the quiet rest and slumber
Of the previous season
That has passed

The glory of summer is felt, heard, seen
It is alive in every direction
And the gestalt of energy and joy
Combine to create growth
And amusement

By the time autumn has arrived
The moment of glory still exists but
The living plants are dying, giving a last look
To show the world
How glorious it was

At last when the snow has fallen
Winter is here and the moment is gone
The world has sheltered under the white
To sleep for a time
Until life calls again