Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Nightmares or Dreams

Bram Stoker
 “Even if she be not harmed, 
her heart may fail her in so 
much and so many horrors; 
and hereafter she may suffer--
both in waking, from her 
nerves, and in sleep, from 
her dreams.”

There are dreams
In which you succeed
Only to wake
And have them fade
Never to replay
There are the nightmares
That linger
Every time
You close your eyes
And you beg to die
But you wake up
And meet and new day
But the worst thing of all
Is to exist
one single moment
In the dream lands
No sleeping thought
Because you cannot
Imagine well enough
To be bothered by your mind
You don't care to stray
From this comforting place
You can't imagine a world
That might not be like this
So you hide your mind away
In an asylum
And sleep
Like a dead man
Like the dead
Without a single dream
Before long
You stop waking
You forever sleep
And never live
Enter into eternal decay
Neither in waking life
Nor a hero in the dream state