Saturday, July 23, 2011

Same and Not

Night and day
Sorrow and joy
Courage and fear
Ecstasy and pain
Two centaurs
Represent the dichotomous
Spirits of man
Prance in the sun
And grasses of a meadow
A glorious day
No sign of rain
One plays the harp
With sublime excellence
In the shadows
Of a great oak
The other draws a bow
And kills with expertise
When he shoots
For the daily repast
One is wild and free
The other is focused
And filled with guile
Both are filled with talent
But differently aim themselves
One falls to the deepest depths
Of sadness
And rises to the heights of heaven
With joy
The other is even of mood
Without great distance
Between highs and lows
One is an artist
The other is a craftsman
Both share the same world
Despite their outlooks
Whether to build
Or destroy
Both are talented
Both dream
Both love
And bleed
The clouds fall down
The sky darkens
And rain comes