Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Despite our suspicions
We are blind
To the end
For Doomsday
Rests upon a hinge
That can swing
In any direction
Time is not kind
Decay moves
At an unending
An unslowing pace
We are the disease
We cannot find
The answer
In other ways
We see signs
Of progress
Or entropy
But in the decay
We grow fetid
We are crushed
By forces
More firm than rock
The encroaching
That we cannot see
It is invisible
For it never stops
And we perceive
The lies
Deceive us
As we are covered
In the depths
Of the fallen walls
Of the fallen people
Of the end
Before our eyes
We are the catastrophe
We are the cause
We are deception
We are lust
We are immune to love
Due to lies
Due to our corruption
Due to our ways
There is no trust
For we are the end
And here
Upon this place
So cold and gray
Our corpse will lay
Until it becomes