Monday, July 11, 2011

Woman on the Horizon

I slept beneath
A sky red with anger
Approaching clouds
I believe it comes for me
To devour me
To consume me
To destroy my being
In velvet dreams
I am held in love
In reality
There is none
I’ve long since been abandoned
By all
There is nothing left
Sorrow is my companion
Dust is my legacy
My desire is to live
My fate is to die
There is no destiny
But to grieve
For lost opportunities
Lost chances
Final wishes
Last dances
I have awakened
And I see the horizon
A flash of blinding light
I see a being
Who moves with amazing grace
Upon the shore
Just above the horizon line
But I cannot see her face
I long to touch her
I long to know her
I long for
Her embrace
I am held fast
In place
For she moved me
And my heart
To be with her