Thursday, July 7, 2011

So I Pass

The one I love
Lost to me
In the days
By my failing
To see her needs
As her husband
Over that
Of my country
As king
For centuries people will sing
Of the greatness
Of my reign
I am stuff
From which
Legends are made
And yet
I failed her
Born of king’s blood
Uther’s rage inside me
I lived for the truth
And now
It haunts me
For as a king
I was all
But as a man
I was hollow
Without her
I will pass
Into the evers
Upon the breast
Of Avalon
But sadly alone
Attended by the fates
Who sort out the length
Of days
They offer me an endless amount
But I retreat
Into the mists
Of the evers
And I long
To hold her hand

a sad song about the Death of Arthur