Sunday, July 10, 2011

Deep Dark Secret

(Inspired by Sanctum, a series by Humanoids)

A submarine of a modern super power
Follows an undersea trail
A radioactive path
So deep beneath the surface
Discoveries of antiquity certain
But the darkness so great
Darker than night
The secrets are held tightly
Like money from a beggar’s fist
The trust that modernity
And its technologies
Will protect the humans
Within the submarine
From whatever is left
Is perhaps
Or worse
But the path is there
Waiting for a human touch
The mystery is there
Waiting for a human thought
To unravel
The path remains
And can be seen
But what left it
Is unknown
Soon enough
In the darkness
Where hope fades

The explorers
Discover a tomb
A complex of dark mystery
Where a past culture
Worshiped evil Gods
Sacrificed to them
Lives and treasure
Devoted lives
To torture
And pleasure
What they’ve left behind
A legacy to future generations
Of a world
They will never know
But for the remnants
Left behind
For others
To interpret
To be moved by
To be killed by
To commit suicide by
For the madness
The madness

The secret whispers
The voices
The blood
Rising under thrust dagger
The body reels
With pain
The flood comes
Of madness
The rain
Of madness