Tuesday, August 29, 2017


In my life I've not forgotten
The way you light the day
With your morning smile
The sweet scent of tomorrow
Falls with the sakura blossoms
Tears of beauty are not to be shamed
For you so innocently beguiled
Me and my heart feel no sorrow
Because you are truly a beacon
Shining in the darkness of life
My heart is the Garden of Eden
You've made healing from strife
You move me beyond my reach
And you've taken me and given
Your love has tried to teach
And I've listened, and I've listened
You claim to not be a healer
But you do not understand
I've been broken in my demeanor
Because I couldn't take a stand
Now my life may not be perfect
But I live with no regrets
I will always find a reason to connect
What you've taught me I will not forget