Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Knot

In Gordium, a city of ancient Phrygia
Home to ancient king Midas
Now kingless, and without direction
The dystopia had turned Stygian
With the future hopes turned idle
A disturbing future, upon reflection

The Gordian knot was offered
As a solution for whoever solving
Would be worthy of leadership
The solution would bring honor
Acknowledgement of the new king
And the mind needed for kingship

Great Alexander of Macedonia
Was invited to solve the mystery
The entangled and impossible Gordian knot
Should a person be able to decipher it
Would be worthy of the throne
And would create a utopia
Alexander was a man of victory
And of battles previously fought
With this knot he sought to solve it
His battle wits would answer, would atone

He became frustrated
While a strategic and tactical genius
His mind was suited for battle
Less the maze or capricious options
He became irritated
Quickly answering the thesis
With his sword slashing open the riddle
Slicing the knot into two portions

But more than kingship
Was Alexander destined
But of empire
And future memory
And legend