Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Humans believe so greatly
In their genius, such vanity
That they forget
That a gift, can also bring a curse
The flame given to humanity
From Prometheus
Caused his being punished
As a traitor
Punished so harshly
Receiving no amnesty
He was broken
We do not, cannot see
That this flame
Is more than fire
It is power
It is ability
It is danger
Humans have not given thought
To the consequences to our benefactor
Nor to our lives
Of use of so dangerous a thing
We use it so very blindly
Never minding
The cost to the body
The toxicity
The dangerous desire
To use it to harm
To rule over all others
We can't see the barbarity
When that power is used
To blackmail others into submission
And if it is used
Come now damnation
Hell upon the earth
This gift can be a curse
The balance requires wisdom
A quality in humans
That is lacking