Saturday, August 19, 2017

We are Wolves of the Sea

Our fury
Led others to think
We were bestial
Perhaps they were correct
We had caught the scent
The enemy was near
When we would find them
We would kill them
Their town would be pillaged
Yes, we are wolves
We longed to taste of the enemy
We rode upon the back of dragons
Soon we'd feed upon the flesh
Of the keepers of the temple
Slay their servile villagers
Yes, we were wolves
We were beasts
We flew across the surface
Along the coast of the southern sea
Our Drake Fartyg floated
As if lighter than the water beneath
The sails were pulled down
The morning mist gilded the sun
Some prayed, some oiled their swords
And the blades of our axes
The oars were used to pull us forward
Quietly, we entered the river mouth
Silently, we didn't say a word
We worked our way inland
Still undetected, still silent
We arrived at the beach near the town
Without having stirred any disturbance
We leaped off the ship
Pulled it up nearest to land
Sprinted across the rocks and sand
Wherever there were men in armor
We slew them before they could speak
Not one screamed
Not one made a sound
They'd now bled out
Making the beach
A sort of sacred ground
We move across the city
Burning what could burn
Killing what could move
Gathering what we might need
Or what we'd bring to our home
North of there
Across the sea