Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I kissed a ghost

In the morning I walked in the garden
Wet with due, golden in the morning sun
My spirit was weary, my heart had hardened

Despite the glories of nature's brilliance
I'd lost hope long before, my lover had passed
My mind entered into reminiscence

I saw her in my memory's eye
Her beauty glorious and striking
In the garden's reflection I cried

Her form was near me and alive
My hands reached out for her lips
She was there and I kissed my wife

My kiss was real but she was a spirit
And my body was composed of flesh
I touched her hair and her eyes were vivid

But I had kissed only a ghost
Created by my memory
But we had been so close

Her lips reminded me of our past
And it gave me hope for the future
Because I'd join her someday
The flesh never lasts