Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Last Wish

I say this without hope
Anyone will agree
After years of struggle
I became the disease
That gnawed
And stole my breath
I am sorry
If asking is a sin
But God I beg you
Let me be released
From this cold cage
Covered in skin
God I pray you hear
This prayer of unease
I hate to beg please
But I can't go on
Without your answer
I walked into the darkness
With you at my side
Guiding my way
But I've become the cancer
And I can not do this
On my own
I beg you please
Release my body
Please ascend my soul
I am broken
And I bloodied
But take me now
And take me whole
God I beseech you
Please release me
I give you all control
And close my eyes
One last time
Let my flesh pass
And let there be death
I am ready
There is nothing left