Thursday, August 24, 2017

secret lover

The caravan I was guarding
Was wiped out by Bedouin 
They were invisible before
And when done nothing remained
Two of us survived
My friend was near dead
And in extreme pain
We were captured by horsemen
Who brought us to a camp
Told us we would killed
When the king returned
We'd laid there two days
Without water
Without food
They were deciding what to do
The night was pitch black
She entered the tent without a sound
Laid next to me, upon the carpet
Whispered in my ear
That I should stay silent
Or the guards would come in
And see her freeing me
And slay us both
She quickly removed the rope
Unlocked the chain
Around my neck
I was free to escape
If I was willing to dare
But something made me pause
I was not interested in leaving there
No, something held me back
It wasn't the danger
Nor fear
It was something
I should be ashamed of
But I am not
In the darkness her eyes were liquid
Beautiful and bright
Her gossamer silk
Her jewelry
And perfumes
Her form
Shined like the brightest lights
I became hers
There in the tent of my enemies
Where I had a choice to live
Or die in love
I stayed
For lifetime's pleasure
In a camp guarding the king's treasure
There after loyal to him
For his daughter was now my queen
Secret lover
Her name was hidden
Deep in her soul