Sunday, January 29, 2017

stars in my eyes

I danced atop the nebula
Worlds fell while I pondered
Never thought I'd be burned
But you never think you will

I drank in the shine of enigmas
Despite being curious I never had to wander
Never had to leave home to be scorned
Don't need to leave to be unfulfilled

So many mysteries without solutions
So many people with broken hopes
No amount of dreams can change
The fears in our hearts

But I still dream

Even answers lead to confusion
Into asylums we are coaxed
Because to care is to be strange
Our dreams become perverse

But I still dream

I never gave this world my heart
Never asked for things it didn't have
I walked among the stars

As a result I have no more questions
And have more answers than when I began
If life is a game I am a simple chessman

My role is a pawn and life is the board
I know my place, purpose and plan
My faith in the master is restored

Álomban és szerelemben nincs lehetetlenség. "In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities" János Arany,