Monday, January 2, 2017

Odin sends the shield maidens

From across the horizon
Sitting in his palace
Odin watches the world
From his throne
In high Asgard and Valhalla
Given the secrets of men
From Thought and Memory
The two ravens who are his friends
He knows the hearts of warriors
Fighting for their land
The villanous hearts, he sees too
The battles are ongoing
And many are damned
Not distinguishing
Between the good and evil
Death is generous
He'll take them all
Knowing as any warriors do
Death is around the corner
Each of them tries
To cheat the Valkyries
They are valorous
Still, many fall
They die regardless
And when they do
The glimmer they see
Just before the dying breath
Are the shield maidens sent
From above
Seeing the valkyries
Taking them home
Each mumbles a prayer
Calling to Odin
For grace and mercy
Or his fire in their veins