Sunday, January 8, 2017

Wasting our finest vintage

We watch the funeral goers
Drive by
Taking their child
To the bone yard
And to remember
His life
We are tribes
Remembering the valor
But we waste it
We throw it away
As it cripples our heart
Without our knowing
Because it is a tragedy
Disguised as sacrifice
Our politicians
Have poured out
The wine
Our finest vintage
We are witness
That life is not the same
To anything we might have
Our children are unique
In potential
We have a command
A quest
It is our responsibility
To seek
All roads to bring them
To the highest place
Instead of offering them up
To be destroyed
For the princes of money
And the god Mammon
We enter the darkness
Lose our minds
And enter the void

We betray our children
With every war
That never ends
With every explosion
Upon the horizon
And ignore the scars
They at least reveal
That we've survived
Unlike our children
Who are gone
We've all lied
Told ourselves
The cause was right
But they are gone
And we are fools
They died
For oil
For the rich
For the powerful