Monday, January 23, 2017

I would dream

I lived a life without hope
For most of the time sensation less
My world was spinning without me
And I couldn't be made to care
Despite the tears
I was not a misanthrope
I was in a fog of fear
Some would pay attention 
Some would mock me
C'est la Guerre
And then I met one
Who made it ok
To be who I am
I could dream
By being loved
I could imagine things
That were forbidden
To my heart before
I could walk the desert
Above the winter fields soar
I could travel to the jungles
And be amazed by life
Instead of fear
I could lay upon
The ocean shore
Gently soaking the sun
Gently moved by the waves
Everything became better
By far and again
In the end because of her
I could wake and be
Alive in Elysium holding her hand
And that is right by me