Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cross continent

I walked the path across the land
Chasing the dream that you were near
My body was weary, my faith was weak
From the length of time, from each failure
But I kept upon my path, without relent
There was nothing less I could do
I couldn't afford to lose you
From the far shores of Japan
Across the exotic mystery of China
I rode with warriors searching
Then I rode with a caravan
Across a frigid steppe
Avoiding the Mongols
Who ruled nearly all of the rest of Asia
My two companions were loyal
Through every single trial
The journey was grueling
I would have understood
Had they fled
But they never did
We sought shelter
And rest
But the test never ended
And we never stopped
My two squires had faith in me
It was that, that kept me afloat
At times when all I had to continue
Their faith was fuel
For the pain of the test
Was more than I could take
If I could not end the test
With you
At last we reached terminus
The end of the test
Upon crossing the highest mountains
In the caravans crossing the continent
I finally reached the Sassanian Empire
But I would not find contentment
Here I was
Where I had last seen you
Before my world burned
Where I completed my service
But now I gave in to despair
There would be no finding
The one who held my heart
I never found you
Never found those who stole
The harem of the king
I never found the woman
Who had eyes
That made me believe
In all of the Gods
In every heaven
I reached home
After the greatest search
Without reward
But for the knowledge
That I gave my best
I saw the world
I gave my word and it was good
And I did not break my honor

For the memory of a beautiful ghost
Whose memory guided me
Into a lifetime's journey