Sunday, June 18, 2017

When I still had flesh

Because I was a child
With no knowledge
Or wisdom
I conformed to society
I burned for pleasure
Treasure and more
I was blinded by the world
Despite having perfect vision
Believing in the world's offerings
I thought I had salvation
I wanted to be judged
As being without guilt
I was a fool and coward
Not afraid of oblivion
But that isn't damnation
On the banks of the Styx
Watching the boatsman
In Stygian darkness
Into nothing I stare
The black void
Fills my soul
As the boatsman comes for me
My spirit dead
My life is gone
And my soul despairs
There was terror
Upon my epiphany
That Hell's fires wait for me
And that my being
Isn't made of permanence
I have danced in the face of death
Never realizing
My error
And now
In the Eternal's presence
I have no voice
My words spilled
With my last breath
When I still had flesh