Thursday, June 8, 2017

Seeds of the Future

Fallen heroes offer society a gift
Of sacrifice for the next generation
Or an example of heroism
For the people
To realize what could be lost
If there was no act

The lost have become
A chorus of the fallen
Reminding us
Of who we can be
Seeds of the future
Are often unseen
For the powerful potential
They possess

Those who have entered
The Elysian fields
Are offered solace
For the weary who walk
The narrow path of truth

A Roman centurion walked, long ago
Walked through tall grass
Touching the grains
Of wheat
Touching the seeds
With his hands
Seeing the future generations
That the seeds will bring
He hears voices
Of the heroes fallen

The chorus of the past
Sending hope
By singing
To remind us all
The consequences
Should we fall
The harvest will be harsh
Memories of the living
Harvested for
Dreams of the past