Friday, June 23, 2017


Hands tied with razor wire
I struggle to escape the punishment
I've lived a life as a simple man
But I know I am a liar
Bleeding wrists seals the covenant
I am wretched, not fit for a garbage can
Between Heaven and Hell
I am dust, floating
Dying, praying, fearing
Locked alone in a cell
Bleeding, screaming, choking
The enemy closing, nearing
My body rots in silence
My soul flees in the dark
My deeds are sand through fingers
My dreams die disquieted
Life's torture has left me marked
Despite my shame my soul lingers 
By kneeling
God I am dirty
I bleed out sins knowing
Water can't clean me
I beg for your mercy
Undeserving, crying, broken
Your grace covers everything