Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Fall of Camelot

I found Him in the shining of the stars,I marked Him in the flowering of His fields,
But in His ways with men I find Him not.
I waged His wars, and now I pass and die.

Idylls of the King (1856–1885) by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

In my mother's womb I knew and understood.  A destiny waited for me.  I would become king.  My father Uther was a warrior and of his deeds others sing.  However,  being an able warrior is but a small portion of the duties of the monarch.

Merlyn taught me to seek justice, to earn the trust of the people of the land.  I had to understand that wisdom, love and courage are the traits necessary to be king.  I had to seek truth, be courageous, be generous in love.  I was called to become more than a man, to lead our people. 

But we were in a dark age, not one people, but many different tribes unwilling to find unity.  The land was mine to protect.  With the people I sought to inspire joy.  I was taught to live and to fight, with honor.

The consequence of my decisions have caused my kingdom to die.  I allowed my heart to hold grievances, to begrudge others their success.  I allowed my flesh to yearn for others, and to ignore my own Queen.

The walls of Camelot fallen. The tipped over towers no longer reach towards the sky.  Yes I was mistaken, I had believed that this kingdom would ever be.  But lust yearns in me. By far stronger than the code I was taught.

I will die
Camelot will bleed
But I will return
My heart burning
Because Merlyn told me
Only the future
Will redeem me