Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Flood, The Fire

When the end beckons
It does not matter if you believe
When the end is triggered
There will be a reckoning
Few will escape
For we have earned
The eternal's wrath
As death approaches
He will reap
The concept of time
Becomes hubris
No human power
The final toll is chimed
And we are naive
To the events as they happen
Until it is too late
To act
The waves of horror
Kill most of us
The angel of Death
Is reaping a harvest
No more innocents
That will be born
No innocent blood
The bell chimes
The ferryman dips his oar
To guide the boat
Through the Styx
Driving us to Tartarus
No one will stop the flood
No action or response
Will save us
You cannot flee
There is nowhere to run
No one knows the hour
The human existence
Will be destroyed
By the hand of the one
Who pulls the Trigger